Property in Istanbul

The construction projects completed in Istanbul in the last 20 years have changed the appearance of Istanbul. Irregular settlement and squatter settlement was a big problem in many parts of Istanbul. Today, this problem has ended to a great extent.
The large dwellings and living areas completed in new districts provides great opportunities for both domestic and foreign investors. It has become tempting to acquire property in Istanbul.

Interest in real estate investment in Istanbul is growing

Buying a property in Istanbul is a privilege, because Istanbul is a unique city with its historical and natural beauties. While you can buy a small and old house in Europe, it is possible to find a big new house in Istanbul with the same money. Due to these advantages, the interest of foreign investors to Istanbul is increasing. However, you may need to work with a real estate consultant to make the right investment. And you need to find professional real estate consultants in order to easily handle formal procedures and to find the right house for the right price. All these conveniences can be found on the web site.

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